During 2009-2012, I went to high-school. During that time, I learned how to program and made two games: Elves of Lorién and Morph Rock. Elves of Lorién was developed during my first and second year using my spare time, and Morph Rock was part of a final project during my last year. Both games were successfully released on Windows Phone 7.

In Elves of Lorién, the player chops down enemies and loots items, and can trade those items to get spells, weapons and armor. The goal is to get as good highscore as possible before dying.

Morph Rock is a platformer where the player controls a stone and the objective is to traverse to the end by rolling and jumping. The player can switch between different stone-shapes each having different abilities.

Since both games are no longer available on Windows Phone, I wanted to share my old games here.

Here are three videos for the two games:

Elves of Lorién Gameplay

Morph Rock Trailer

Morph Rock Gameplay

The windows version for Morph Rock is more of a map editor, but I have included the maps of the game, so they are still playable.

Morph Rock controls:

TAB: switch between gameplay and edit mode

Edit mode:

  • 1-9: switch between layers
  • 0: edit ground layer
  • Use left click to move camera
  • Use right click to move objects
  • right and drag: select objects
  • esc: deselect objects
  • s: set start position (when entering gameplay mode)


  • Space/click: jump
  • arrow-keys: roll
  • g,h,j,k,l: change between different forms

Elves of Lorién controls:

  • arrow-keys: move
  • left-click: use left item
  • right-click: use right item
  • left-click+shift: use left spell
  • right-click+shift: use right spell
  • esc: pause menu
  • tab: character menu

Download links (windows): Elves of Lorién and Morph Rock